30 days of loss

Dear Racheli !

We meet again at the military cemetery.
The trees, the flowers and the bushes
surround you and us.

It's a beautiful place. It makes it
look peaceful. It doesn't show
the shock and tragedy we are all going through.
I miss you a lot - I can't believe that I will miss you forever.

It has been a very hard month for all of us.
We met so many people - each one with a giant heartache.
Only now we discovered the true nobility of your family.
In a very short time we turned from being the army friends to
becoming an inseparable part of the family.
It's amazing to see how people who lost a daughter, a sister,
a grandchild, a niece and a cousin are so open to share their pain.
I'm so grateful for that.

We must be strong in order to make our family and friends stronger.
We must do it together - we have no other option.
My way of dealing with this is the way of the "Smile & Remembrance" -
smile to everyone I cherish and love, and still remember.
Smile & Remembrance do not contradict each other -
the combination is the way to deal with this terrible forced reality.

Racheli my dear... you will be my soldier forever.
Your pure kindness which is capable of touching even a heart of stone,
lighted a giant fire inside my heart.
The fire will go on till the day I die.
They say that what we do in life echoes in eternity -
therefore your lovely smile will be kept inside me,

Love you &
miss you.
Till the moment we shall meet somewhere...


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