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Sgt. Rachel Levy

February 14, 2001 - Sgt. Rachel Levy, 19, of Ashkelon, was one of 8 Israelis killed when a Palestinian crashed a bus into a crowded bus stop at Azor junction, south of Tel Aviv. It was the deadliest Palestinian attack on Israelis in four years.
Sergeant Rachel Levy worked on computers in logistics at Tel Hashomer. She had signed to continue her service in the IDF for an additional three years. 
She had been dropped off by her father near the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, about an hour before she was killed. He said: "Adi, my older daughter, told me that the attack occured at a junction where Rachel used to be daily. We called her on her cell phone, but there was no answer. We called her commander, and he said that she had not arrived. We then called the hospital, and they told us that she was not among the injured. We asked about her close friend and neighbor, Sigal Yunsi, and we were told that she was severely injured. I felt weak in the knees. We did not know what was happening. And then the officers came with the bad news." 
"The army was her whole life," her mother Henya said. "I don't wish this feeling on any mother, I can't stop shaking." 
Rachel left behind her parents and two sisters. She was buried in Ashkelon. 

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